eBay shipping calculator - anyone use it?

I’m finding that it’s getting quite tricky to estimate postage costs to both Oz and Overseas - wondering if anybody uses the shipping calculator when listing on ebay and whether it works well enough to trust?

Some of the overseas stuff is getting really pricey and I don’t want to get burnt. Is it me or has the postage price going up every few months?

perhaps you should list shipping ‘estimates’, and direct punters to australiapost to calculate exact price (+ handling if required).

shouldn’t international shipping rates be falling given strong AUD?

In my experience punters go off the boil and don’t really want to make 2 clicks. besides the shipping calculator is supposed to be based on Australia Post rates so depending on where the potential bidder is viewing from it will set the correct rate for them. It seems to work well but I just want to know if it has any glitches and if it’s worth trusting.

yeah right: I’ve never seen Oz Post lower their rates for a strong currency.

maybe just use a disclaimer if you’re worried about being burnt, eg "While listed shipping rates should be accurate, actual rate used will always be that calculated at australiapost.com.au etc etc ".

yeah, not really expecting them to drop prices, but if anything that’s the direction it seems it should go. could be wrong, perhaps the strong dollar isn’t good for them if they are paid in USD for inbound deliveries (which would also be on the rise). who knows.

It’s safe to say that if it’s costs Oz Post more we’ll get charged, if the currency fluctuations means cheaper prices they’ll trat is as a windfall for them. General principle of business me thinks …