eBay Stooge

Last Wednesday 18th May I bid on a cheap Clamont road frame for $40.00. If I won it, I won it, if I didn’t I didnt care…$40

Clamont tange 900 cro mo double butted road frame in excellent condition. Paint is chipped as per photograph. Top Tube 57cm c2c and seat tube is 55cm c2c. A rare and magic bike to ride and bring back to its former glory. These bikes were built by geoff scott ‘gefsco’. for Clarence Street Cyclery.

Shipping: Pick up is at Ryde 2112. I will assist inter and intrastate purchasers as best I can however it will remain the buyers responsibility to arrange and pay for a courier.

I immeadiately sent him this message :

Can I pay via direct deposit please?
If so send me the details.
I also have a reply pay account with Australia post, If you put my reply paid # on the box,
it’ll be charged to my account.
Let me know if this is cool.

After no contact or reply message sent over the past week, I sent two requests for the revised invoice to be sent to me, and confirm whether
my shipping method was cool with him. Yesterday, 7 days later and still no contact, I thourght oh well, And left him negative feedback.

No contact after numerous attempts. eBay time waster. Do not deal with. Seller:
leoracle ( Feedback Score Of 1692) 25-May-11 10:08

After that, all of a sudden last night I get some contact.

Dear Adam of Brendale, Qld. Hello, I am the seller of the Clamont bike. I have to send this message in portions as ebay will not let me send it in its entirety. I think there has been a misunderstanding and I write in the hope that we can conciliate this matter. I understand you are not happy with my communication and accordingly, you have left negative but somewhat aggressive feedback.
( No contact after numerous attempts. eBay time waster. Do not deal with)
Very aggressive… I know!

I am disappointed that you have hastily undertaken such action as I have found that simple mediation between mature adults more readily leads to an amicable outcome.

In response to the issues you raise, I note you say you attempted several communications.
( So he agree’s I did contact him, but he chose not to answer my questions…)

I have searched my messages with your user id and have only found one such message, sent about 6pm on the 18th of May. My records show that I invoiced you on later on the 18th May. The invoice reiterates basically what is contained in the conditions of the ad (payment 3 days),etc. and I asked how you were intending to proceed.
( Unfortunately, If he did, it still hasnt come though my eBay )

I advised my phone number, although that is available to you anyway through ebay… I have not received any further communication from you.
Please let me know if I am mistaken.

It was not necessary for me to respond to your message as my ad and invoice clearly set out the available methods of payment.
( So you just ignore messages…? I was trying to organise shipping… Im sorry )

You are easily able to access my account details through a secure method without me having to duplicate them to you through an open email. I also ask for payment within 3 days. I cannot see any record of payment. Again, please let me know if you think I am mistaken

My ad and invoice clearly states: ‘local pick up only, no postage’. There is a reason
for this and I was surprised, that without any prior to agreement, you instruct me to
do something I specifically stipulate I will not do.

(Shipping: Pick up is at Ryde 2112.
I will assist inter and intrastate purchasers as best I can however it will remain the buyers responsibility to arrange and pay for a courier.)

Perhaps there is a problem with both our communications.
( Yes, taking a week to reply is a problem with communication )

I do know from experience that the APO requires substantial protective packaging so as to protect other items being mailed.

I am in and out of hospital at the moment
( The old Hospital sob story, mate I’ve had two hospital appointments this week
due to my shoulder reco, but I still managed to send messages…)

and do not want this added burden coupled with having to move house.I have asked you for payment within 3 days of bidding and payment has still n ot been made.

If you are interstate I ask that you organise and pay for a courier, it appears that that has not been done.
( OMG…that’s what I was friggin doing!!! )

I am happy to proceed with the sale however I will require payment as stipulated. I will assist with a courier as best I can however that is your choice. responsibility. I will send another invoice as is is the only recoup my listing fees through a certain process.
I have no intention of leaving aggressive feedback. I do hope we can resolve this matter without the need for further argument and I look forward to your response. Please note that I often pass a company call e-go couriers and I have found them to be much cheaper than the APO. I can drop it at their depot without cost.

Should you wish I understand you are able to rescind your feedback but that is a matter for you and me to take into account.

It is a small world, I have sons living in your area.
( I think he means his son’s will drop the frame off for me…very kind of him! )

Thank you

John Doe 555-555-5555

You didn’t get a $40 frame on a sour eBay deal, then make us read the whole story and post the dude’s telephone number on a public forum???

Jeez … I didn’t get a bread roll for the my return flight dinner service when flying Etihad on an international flight but I’m not planning to shoot down their planes.

We’ve all had issues with eVilbay, scams, crappy sellers and alike-but on the flip side we’ve all probably gotten some good deals too. Go for a ride and vent that way IMO

He’s the one thats upset, because he didnt follow up the deal…and then writes a short story about it to me.
I think his short story is funny and contradicts himself…
…then threatens me with ‘his sons’ if I dont take the negative feedback back.

For their own sake, I hope his son’s work out… a lot

What a jerk! Screw the bike… it’s not worth the grief. Leave the feedback there. Forward his response to the ebay mods.

You probably have his address too btw. Intermittently order him1/2 dozen pizzas !
*I’m joking there… let him have the bad karma.

yeah, im not bothered, like I said, if I won it…I won it, If I didnt I didnt.
I doubt id ever use it anyway.

My point is… you try and do the right thing,
yet you get dicks like this making things hard.

Your damned if you do, your damned if you dont

it is always amusing that neg feedback or a paypal dispute seems to magically awaken the completely silent people on the other end of an ebay deal

^specially for paypal disputes.

I always get too angry and use profanity in any feedback responses on evilbay and then the adminsitrators give me a backhand too

Out of interest, what the lowest ebay seller score you’ve seen? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything below 90% which makes you wonder.
Imagine a feedback score of 40% I suppose you wouldn’t trust them would you!

Yeah i met you at gear when you got a flat on the disc i hope the boys are big.

I don’t trust anything lower than 99%… Always best to check their feedback details if they aren’t 100%, particularly if they are low volume sellers.