Ebisu fat tyre Roady

After being stuck in customs for 5 weeks here we are… build pics…



Looking good.

Looking good


Those finned brake pads are cool.

You should celebrate its first ride with a yebisu,

Cool, what size tyre will you be running?

Had a Yebisu black (dark beer) at a yakitori joint in kyoto last night, v. nice.

Going to set up to wheel sets… 28mm on the white industries and 32mm on a new wheelset I’m building xtr m900 to open pros

Old xtr will be 135 8 speed won’t they?

Negative Bro 130mm and take a 9 sp cassette

Naah, it’s 135mm, but you can pull a 5mm spacer from the NDS (the rubber locknut cover might not fit back on properly)

The axle is 146mm, so also need to cut it down 5mm or just get a 141mm axle.

Yup the above has been done and ready to lace…

So what cassette? 22-27 9speed ?


12-27 I have at home

That’s what I meant haha

Thats a beaut, and fun sounding build bits. Good work!