Eccentric BB query

I’m trying to remove the bottom bracket from the eccentric bottom bracket shell but it seems to be seized pretty well. I’ve removed the entire EBB from the frame as it was kept spinning in the frame as I attempted to loosen the BB? Is there any trick I’m missing or do I need to go and find a bench vice, more muscle and some WD40?

The bike is an NOS 2010 Charge duster SS if thats any help?

So the BB is seized in the EBB unit tighter than than the EBB can hold in the frame?

Yeah looks like you might need a vice, be careful how you clamp the EBB (if a square taper) but if its external cups you could clamp on those - assuming they are gonna get chucked out.

Try soaking the whole thing in some penetrene over night 1st (I’d had luck with that on stuck BB’s) that can help, or an ammonia solution -dunno where to get that.

Yeah the BB seems to be in tighter then the little screws will clamp the shell. I didn’t really want to heave it to hard as I was starting to gouge out the shell as it turned against the screws in the frame.

Thanks Ill try and soak it first then off to the vice. Just wondered if there was something I was missing.

Probably a bunch of grease in the BB threads

also, soaking in penetrene (or most things) will probably ruin the BB,