eddy merckx adidas

someone should rock these

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they is awesome

if only he had a size 44…shame. they look damn good.

hell yeh. what’s with the 42 2/3 sizing? I need a 43, damn it!

Yeah they look great but shoe glue has a shelf life and if you wanted to ride in them I don’t know how long they would last.

amazing. Have to wonder how the glue might hold up, though.
edit: ^yup!

damn those things are nice!

Nice indeed. I hope they fit!

Surely you could go to a shoe repair place and get them re-glued later down the track if need be.

its still a shoe so some bloke at mr minit will be able to fix 'em up, but at what cost???

He also has some wicked, two tone, green ones as well.

which are gonna go sweet with my Pate-riot…

glad someone snapped them up! i’m a bit tempted for the remaining pair, though not as nice as the blue/purple.

also, not sure if you can directly fit modern cleats to these. i purchased some of these
eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d
to retrofit some to another pair of merckx adidas i purchased a while back (though still haven’t done it). may also help with the glue thing, as will be anchored better.

i have a pair of the black adidas merckx ones, well used and no hint of any problems with the sole. i could fit delta cleats on them, i’d imagine these would have the triangular pattern as well. that first pair is just great, only wish they were my size :frowning:

I’m assuming you’d buy these as a mantle piece item, right?

Weddings/Parties/Anything…whoops, this isn’t the music pun thread.

special occasions only, yes.

more merckx adidas

Eddy Merckx Pro Adidas cycling shoes NOS - 41-1/3(EUR) 8(US) 7-(UK) | eBay
seller has another two pairs

Theyre rad shoes, went pretty cheap too IMO.

I’d wear the shit out of em.

still no 44s!!! midget feet mofos…

pft… i’m still waiting for 47s!

Seconded icecream! One day…