Eddy Merckx Corsa Blinger!

Not since the forum began have I posted a bike here.

I reckon this one is worthy.

Shifterbuilt wheels.

Mostly NOS components including: EM pantographed levers and stem, silicon Campagnolo hoods, fizik tape, Veloflex MASTER rubber, Cinelli bars, Super Record Pista crankset, BREV FYXOMATOSIS chainring, Izumi Super Tough chain, polished Roselli cog, SR seat pillar, SR pedals, Rolls saddle, Campagnolo Cobalto brakes with Sapphire stones.

Why’d you convert it and not make it a nice geared bike?


If I had to guess, I’d say its because
a) he could and
b) because he already had a very impressive stable of geared bikes…

Makes sense I guess.

d) the above and because it’s not for me.

LOL… your first post in ‘post your ride’ on fixed.org and the the kids are hassling you about it not being geared.

Looks hot. Got a similar build in the works at the moment (though not a Merckx :cry:). What are the rims?

throw some nice NOS 7speed record on it and take to L’Eroica…

now that would be nice…

It’s been said before but clearly geared is the new fixed.

Needs risers. Can you bar spin it?

I said ‘not since the forum began’…

My first POST YOUR RIDE was this.

I can remember NickJ asking me to post about FOA on fyxomatosis…

Wheels. Classic Mavic Open Pro CDs - Super Record hubs.

Geared, fixed, free, skinnys, knobbies, step thru. You should have (at least) one of each.

Another quality build from the Fyx stable, although I’m more intrigued as to why you changed your username…keeping it clean for the growing female membership base?

Saw you at the Yarra Place Project Alleycat and was keen to come and say hi, but like Animal Chin I turned around and you were gone.

It was time for a change and to avoid any confusion to those new to the forum.

Hope that’s ok?

You can still call me *TC, and say hello next time!

I’ll be at the next FIX UP alleycat.

A ct by any other name is still a ct :wink:

And I said “your first post in ‘post your ride’ on fixed.org”. I’m confused. I was just trying to support your fixed build against the hagglers. Anyway, doesn’t matter.

Ummmm…yeah that’s okay.

Does that mean you will be racing? :sunglasses: