Eddy merckx frame and forks

This is buddy of mines, if your in radelaide you should check it out, probably one of the nicest frames I’ve seen.

Eddy Merckx Columbus Altec Frame With Campagnolo Record Headset AND Carbon Forks | eBay

Woof, I thought that listing was for the complete. Good luck at that price.

hahaha, well i never said it was cheap only said it was nice! i also have no idea what that sorta frame should cost.

Yup tell him he’s dreaming, not even original forks!!

tell him he needs to get off the crack(price), and gettin his 4 post mates to pimp his overpriced stuff to a forum full of peeps who know whats what.

Is this Chism’s housemates?

i reckon i used to work with the original owner of this

I reckon I saw this at Treadly yesterday. Didn’t look at it twice.

i never understand why one would changed the original fork, obviously unless it was damaged. WHY!

If this for crazy cash I might list my Corsa Extra!

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the ride.

, yet for some reason

Selling to make room for a Colnago which is in the post.

If you couldn’t be happier, then why the Colnago? WHY?

Combined with ahead stem, makes the front end stiffer.

*With the right carbon fork

The Colnago does look pretty rad.