Eddy Merckx single speed

Enjoy fellas! Free is the new fixed after all.
Rides beautifully, just need to get a Rolls saddle.

Eddy Merckx Super Corsa SLX frame (I think…)
Chorus threaded Headset
2006 Chorus cranks 170mm & 102mm Chorus BB
SRAM 8-speed chain 3/32
135BCD 48T Cycleunderground chainring 3/32 (now how’s that for custom?)
19T Surly sprocket
Deda Zero Stem & Deda Newton Shallow handlebars
Ahead adaptor (sorry traditionalists!)
Record Time Trial brake levers
2008 Chorus brakeset
Mavic Aksium wheelset
Thomson Elite setback 27.2mm seatpost
paper thin saddle (changing to Rolls)


Hmm. It’s a nice bike.

nice bike. when i saw the title i was crossing my fingers hoping that the braze-on’s would still be intact.

a sigh of relief once i saw the pics lol

Nice bike, I’m jealous. Although I’m sure it would go faster with more TraditionalTM wheels on it. :slight_smile: Or maybe even a few less stickers on the rims?

Keep it locked up.

I wouldn’t even think about locking it up outside :slight_smile:
It’s a bit of "ironic Orange Julius bike " at the moment- hopefully I’ll start riding it a bit more in the summer months.

The wheelset has been dictated more by what’s cheap and decent- Mavic Aksium’s are surprisingly good for the price, although a nutted hub would be better than the QR…

nice! and i just want to get in before snowflake to say this thread would benefit from an addtional picture of you on the merckx, shirtless :smiley:

Nice bike. Very ‘fyxomatosis’ on the camerawork too.

Get one of those hex bolt skewers from BBB. You can torque them quite a bit.


It’s the 2nd product from the top.


P.S. How about that Bikers’ Wives Bitch Club eh?

Oh and the pics are all thanks to the wonderful Omar!

Once you have a precedent, you got to exceed it :evil:

haha how funny was that?
Unless you have a avid cycling partner, most girls just don’t understand the bike thing.

Thanks for the skewer advice- sounds like a good idea.

Very very nice,

i might be going too far when i say this, but i think it would be even nicer with gears on it.

I love Merckx, good lookin man

I know, I know, gears… :lol:

Eddy Merckx fan club yeah!

Even funnier was that I met Damoh and his partner later in the day and the two girls were at it … again.


Have Merckx frames become the aerospoke of the single speed world? :stuck_out_tongue:

hope so, cause i just got a colnago mexico :slight_smile:

That yellow one looks so much better :roll:

very nice! i got a merckx in the mail this morning, can’t wait to build it up and post pics


haha of course! nah i was planning on hanging it on my wall :mrgreen:

Nah… like the others, you’ll just take it out on sunny days to take photos for ‘Post Your Ride’, and then it’ll go back in the bubble wrap.

EDIT: But then, I should be so lucky !