Eddy Merckx stickers

“there’s a bike back there, someone’s put Eddy Merckx stickers on it”
We all go over, have a look:

It was real.
For any of you who want a fake one:
Eddy Merckx Motorola full set of decals vintage - eBay (item 300379120178 end time May-17-10 21:37:42 PDT)
That’s for you, Hermes.

And don’t hate on me for pointing this out, it may be one of those ‘you had to be there’ type of moments.
I’ll be rocking up to the next event on a Nagasawa :stuck_out_tongue:

how much are these frames worth?

just a cable lock-up as well! someone doesn’t know what they are riding…

bout 2k, I was told.
The rear tire was flat.
And there was spider webs on it.

bike is gone now, in case you were wondering.

and those stickers are miiiine.
it’ll save me scratching it into my frame with an exacto knife.

i didn’t like the merckx paint job see. so is gave it a rattle can job.


man the paint job on my merckx is pretty beat up but i would never paint over that thing they is classic they is

(and please tell me that was a joke right?)

my ride had the motorolla paint job (in quite poor condition when i bought it)… was a custom cecil though

love the internal cable dude.

yeah i’m not serious. i just like to think it’s a merckx, with its dinged top tube and hacksawed braze-ons.

it helps me love it more to think that even though the frame was attacked by some muppet it still rides.

and stickers will improve that so much. mercks stickers on matte black.

Thanks for mentioning it again Mr…

Never hear the last of this hey…hahaha

anyway here u go!

Eddy Merckx Molteni Replica SIngle Speed / Fixie | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Mornington Penninsula

Are you gonna keep the H.P.A.M or ‘eddy merckx’? it’d still be an ace bomb.

i think i’ll just stencil ‘rat rod’ in on the top tube, around about where the ding is. so it’d be a personalised merckx :smiley: