Eddy Merckx Time Trial

Here is a bit of Aussie history for you.

I wish I could afford this…

EDDY MERCKX Vintage Time trail Frame | eBay

Bloody lovely. I’ll be keeping an eye on it but I’m guessing it’ll go way out of my price range.

I highly doubt it takes a 650B front. Mostly because I’ve never seen a 650B tyre narrower than 32mm.

24" = ISO 520mm
650B = ISO 584mm
650C = ISO 571mm
700C = ISO 622mm

My guess is that it used 650A (590mm), another high performance small wheel.

Wow this has everything- Eddy Merckx, Barcelona Olympics, Columbus MAX tubing… get on it kids!

Although personally it would be a disgrace to see this as an ironic street fixie

If I get it will be getting a period correct build with HED dick and DA group.

And rizorz…

I was actually thinking of getting this built up with a bone-shaker rear and skyway tuff front.
Then I was thinking a dildo flat bar, and origin-8 everything else.
I would only ever ride it wearing full sky-racing team kit though.

Origin8 urrythang.

Back up again

EDDY MERCKX 1992 Olympic team Time trail Frame | eBay