Edinburgh fixed gear build

Hi, I’m Adam and I’m from Melbourne. I built this bike when I was living in Scotland around two years ago (hence the tartan saddle). It’s an unknown Italian frame which I had powdercoated matt white. It has a Sturmey Archer chainset, deep v wheelset and some other custom bits and pieces including a 55mm BMX stem and riser handlebars with Clark grips. I brought this bike home with me to Australia and it feels good to know i’ve riden it in both hemispheres. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

that bike is an almost perfect slice of 2006.

Not sure whether that’s an insult or a compliment haha, but I will qualify that by stating that its my first fixed gear build and am hoping to build another using the knowledge gained from this awesome site!

me either. made me nostalgic though.

remember Fixed gear gallery?

Brakeless, with no foot retention in Melbourne = no!

Oh no, those photos were taken before I put the front brake on! Although I did get a little overexcited and took the bike for a spin before installation and memories of flying down the main street in Edinburgh with no brakes forever haunt me. Never again for this noob!

Hold onto this frame, when you graduate to a track frame this will make a very nice fat tyre fendered commuter.

Wise advice. My 27" wheel frame makes a great fendered fixie commuter with 700x32mm tyres. Perfect rain bike, except for weighing 14kg.

PM’ed you Adam.

Post up your Northcote - we might have the only 2 in existance

Wouldn’t surprise me if we did, i’ve never seen nor heard of any others and I live in Northcote and have shown it to almost every oldey-timey lbs in the area…

Rusty gold!