Eigth Inch Scrambler V2.

This is my Scrambler.

[li]Frame - Eight Inch Scrambler V2[/li][li]Wheels- Eighth-Inch Julian Wheelset, with Formula Sealed Bearing Hubs in Satin Black[/li][li]Thomson 50mm Stem[/li][li]Tires- CST 700x23c in red[/li][li]Crankset- Eighth-Inch[/li][li]Chain- KMC Z410 in anodized red[/li][li]Saddle- Velo[/li][li]Pedals- Black BMX with BO Gear Straps[/li][li]Oury Grips in red[/li][li]46/17 gearing[/li][/ul]

saw the pics on ausrotor(13b-rx3 here ;))

got any finished photos?

ahh is this forum imageshack racist or something…

I like it…

(Fellow rotarian on ausrotor) :wink:

(use to live with the dude who sold ya the 808 you now have…)

Another rotor kid here!

Bike looks rad man, well done!

Those frames are great for the money. Good work.

it’s a bloody Ausrotor reunion in here!

Yeah I’m fairly stoked with it, rides smooth and with the new stem combo is super comfy :slight_smile:

Are you in Brisbane?

I saw the exact build rolling through the creek st/queen st intersection this morning!

nah mate. Sydney

Thanks to Tom at Hell on wheels I have a new Odyssy Short Lever in Black and he fixed my Epic Tyre problems with getting pinch flats on the rim. Rookie Mistakes. Nice guy and great shop.

Went for a great ride today around the city and ended up taking a few snaps of the Scrambler whilst out, then we went to the pub and with every schooner of new you got a scratchy to win a free shirt, I was adamant to win so I bought 9 schooners till I won lol.

Here are some pics.

I like both the colour and black and white… cant make up my mind.

lovely… awesome shots! (colour for sure)

Very nice, loving the red parts spicing up an otherwise stealth bike.
Pics wise, the first is my favourite, the depth of field is great. Although cool, i find the 3rd a bit distracting though, so out of the last two i’d say the b&w.

nice bike and nice pics too. seen some of your car pics before which are also very rad.

nice bike! how much is it (include shipping cost)?

came to about $900 all up, but I’ve added a few little touches of my own like the stem and brakes.

something doesnt look quite right with your photos… why didnt you put it in Paris or something? :slight_smile:

Nevermind, found it in about 10 seconds on google.

yeah someone finally caught on, the 2nd and 3rd are composites from the first shot.

There actually wasn’t even a bike there.

nice bike
good photos too

you may be insulting the intelligence of forum users to assume nobody else could pick that up