Ekka Day ride

Planning a long but leisurely ride out to wellington point on Wednesday. Meet at bottom of goodwill bridge (southbank side) at 10:30. i think it will be about 60kms in total. have a pretty flat circuit route in mind but there are some hills - all pretty manageable.

finish at polo courts…should get there in plenty of time for polo!


If I am not playing golf I am in.

for those who came on the wynnum ride, think that, plus a little bit more :slight_smile:

Definite possibility.

What time do you suppose we’ll be back at South Bank?

Can’t make it sorry boys. Going to watch wannabe starlets try to negotiate soft grass with 5 inch stiletto heels. While the hoards of lads from the burbs line up in their ill-fitting suits that end up wearing them. Should be a great show… oh and there will be some horses going around in circles.

if anyone is keen to really demolish themselves, be riding up over cootha and a good sized loop after that tomoz at 6:30 (base of cootha near the highway to start). should be back by 9 or 9:30 in time for breakie before heading out to weelington point.

this is of course subject to and pending the degree of shenanigans accomplished tonight

yeah im in for ride out wello then come have a look at polo… still no fixed only single but im gettin there.
which roads are you taking to get out there? wynnem or old clevland? ill hook up with you guys somewhere near camp hill

I’m about 40% chance of making this - been travelling for a month and been carrying an injury :frowning: back home for a coupe of days - need to try and get a day-pass…


i was thinking vulture st, stanley st east, old cleveland (big hill!), old cleveland east, birkdale rd, main rd, break and turnaround, main rd, birkdale, quarry rd, rickett rd, new cleveland, manly rd, wynnum rd, bennets rd, crown st, stanley st east, stanley, vulture

Where bouts in camp hill are you? I’m just near bennetts/ old cleveland.

Not sure if ill get up for this ride, been flat ou last few weeks. Will def be at polo tho.

im up the hill a bit from you prolly. near camp hill fire station… just near the 2 roundabouts on stanly road

count me in