El toro de naranja

My second build.

Very happy with how it turned out, rides like a dream.

Cromoly frame sandblasted and powdercoated
Weinmann DP18 wheelset w/ formula flip flop hub
Lasco Crankset (going to upgrade chainring to fyxomatosis when the money comes in)

Sweet ride man!!!

But how wide are them bars!!! :-o


They are 44cm c-c.
They are very comfy though - at least for a person of my size (and that is all I care about).

How’s the charge bucket saddle? I’m ordering a pink one :smiley:

Looks the part - definitely worth the money that you pay (I assume you are getting it from wiggle). Comfy enough.

It got a bit of blue from it from my new jeans, but it comes off.
Luckily I have two, as buying an extra one qualified me for free shipping and saved me money, so if it gets wrecked I have a backup :smiley:

Nice bike man :-D. I am thinking about bullhorns for the bike I am building and seeing yours with the bullhorn brakes has sold me on the idea.

Cheers mate.

Do it, they are super comfy, was not going to do bullhorns until the levers basically fell into my lap, but happy that I did.

what levers are they?

Not 100% sure - bought them off ebay - they were described as “off a cannondale tri bike”.

They do the job perfectly for me though - they are light, they fit, and they are not all black (which would shit me considering how much trouble I went to so the colours match).