Elan TT

Bought this off ebay:

In its current form:


With zero adjustment in the rear drop-out, you must have gotten real lucky with the chainring/cog chain length combo.

I reckon bullhorns or pursuit bars would do justice to it.

I used http://eehouse.org/fixin/ to work out the gear ratio (42x17) then used a half link chain as well so it wasn’t too hard.
There’s slight room for adjustment in the dropouts which hopefully will sort out any chain stretch which I’ve heard is especially a problem with these chains.

I don’t know why more people don’t convert frames with vertical dropouts…

Yeah, i just thought that you couldn’t do it since like no one does it.

I must say mate, that bike is amazing.
What wheels have you got on this beast?

May i ask how much it was on ebay (and then in final form maybe :))

edit: glad you kept original paintwork

Looks awesome.

I got offered this before it went on ebay, but I have no room for more bikes. Glad it went to a good home and turned out rad. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh.

Do you still have the original TT bars?

Wheels are formula hubs on alex G6000 rims. They’re on ebay atm and arrived yesterday, got them for under $100.
So cost breakdown:
Bike: $255
Wheels: $100
Bars, pedals and grips: already had them but i guess $40
Chainring: $20
Chain: $20
Cog: $10
Lockring: $5
Chainring bolts: $10
so about $460

Make room!
Nah, I figured they don’t come up too often so may as well grab it.
Still got the original bars have you seen them in person?

try riding a frame like that for long with 'horns…
they won’t do you justice

Nah, Alex (the seller) said they’re pretty flexy though.

I ride the F(ake) Moser with 'horns 95% of the time.

Nah, Alex (the seller) said they’re pretty flexy though.

yeah they were one long piece of tubing connected by a ball and clamp thingo.
will def try pursuit bars at some point what kind are you riding?

I have Nitto RB 021’s, but I’d like to try the Profile Airwings that Wiggle have. They have less of a drop down from the stem. If that makes sense.

Bike looks really nice. I agree with the idea of some pursuit bullhorns on it.

Jolan, what’s your take on the RB-021s? I’ve got a pair at the moment and am about to put them on my bike this weekend. Do you notice much flex or anything when you put force on the horns section?

i reckon those profiles will be good
are you gonna have them angled down? (check andy from mash if that doesnt make sense)

Nice one BPM, I like what you’ve done to it. Funny thing, those original wheels would be half the weight.

ya know i would’ve thought the same but when i held them in my hand they weren’t that heavy, almost comparable to the originals. however the originals spun better.
would’ve lost weight with the gears, brakes, handlebars etc
then again weight isn’t everything…

Nah, hardly any flex. I have the 38cm wide ones and haven’t had any problems with them.

As the for the angle of the bars, I have them running parallel to the top tube, so they’re the same angle as the top tube. This is when it was first set up. The bars are slightly angled too much in this pic and the seat is now higher and further forward.

And yeah, Andy from MASH…

I love that bike.

yeah that setup was what first made me want to get a fixed gear

that looks stunning. are the rims anodized? Get some flats, then that would be hardcore. wicked set up though mate. crazy frame geo!!

absolute bicycle porn dude.

you mean bmx pedals with straps?