electric shaver

i know this is anti-beard but, i got given one for xmas and not sure if its just me but it’s ok on my face but my neck fails to be smooth. anyone have this problem or am i missing something ?

Pay attention to how the hair on your neck grows, work out your Beard Grain Direction, draw a Beard Map if required, only shave with and across the grain (if a second pass is required).

Use a pre-shave and/or post shave product (proraso or similar, something with witchazel et al).

Post picture of Beard Map here for beardo review & critique.

cheers for that, i’ll look into the pre-shave.i do go with the grain and slow so the blades have time to cut


this could explain everything.

beard GPS might help

Also post picture of Beard Map holder, the problem could be here.

I endorse this: Face Guard

If you have tough facial hair, you might be better off going back to a razor. I can’t get the same quality shave with an electric.

Plus, I’d go against the grain, not with it.

This, I battled with an electric razor for years… going against the grain seemed to yield the best results (depending on the model shaver), but i always looked like i needed to go over it again by next morning.

Made the switch back to razor, and now I can get away with only shaving every second day.

This is my experience too. Electric razors just don’t work for some people. My dad swears by them, but I just never liked em.


I found that electric razors pulled on the hair to much - good for the legs though.

I’ve gone for the single bladed safety razors and some good quality shaving cream, not flourescent goop from the can . It takes a bit longer, you might cut yourself, but I’ve never had razor bumps or rash since - plus its a heck of a lot cheaper.


Takes a little practice and a bit of investment to get a nice shaver/brush set up but worth it.

I have used with a straight razor for the past year. It takes a while to get used to - and self preservation does kick in a bit when you are doing your throat, but I really enjoy the ritual now. Preparation is the key to getting a good shave with razors though.

I have seen people shave in cars with an electric razor though - I don’t get it, where does all the hair go?

FWIW, I currently use a fancy, 5 blade job with some fluoro gel and it’s the best shave I’ve ever had.

FWIW… these guys are in Australia now.

Dollar Shave Club - Australia


Also these.



I’m seriously balding and the best thing I ever did was get an electric shaver and use it on my head and face!
For the past 5 years I just used hair clippers (no comb) to keep head and face short, neat and tidy, ie. cut/shave once a week.
Now can do electric in half the time with half the mess (hair gets caught in shaver head, hence possible to do while driving, but do not reccommend) every 2nd day and be smooth as!
Always use electric before shower and not after for better results. Neck can sometimes get rashy but a bit of moisturizer works wonders as well as a face scrub.

since when do you shave