Elephant National Forest Explorer batch production preorder

These are sick. Price is great. If you wanted a rando etc type bike you could do a lot worse.


The spirit is willing but the wallet is weak…

Fukn eh. That is rad! I want to see a build thread on these like the Wolverine thread, but with more of them.

(Why build when you could buy one of these Pete?)

A dude on LFGSS built one up but it’s pretty fred-ly. Shame the small is too large for really small people like myself.

I’m short but with gorilla arms: I could make the small work.

They have a pretty cool range. The ‘monostays’ are a cool touch.

This is a much better example of the breed

My latest 650b low trail fredmobile for the peanut gallery

The small isn’t too big. Look at the reach figure. It’s less than the 42cm Surly (but the stack is higher because of the larger HT so you don’t have run a ton of spacers that normal tiny HT surly’s require).

What’s different about this compared with SOMA or Surly? Not trolling, actually interested.

Dunno about the SOMA, but regarding the xcheck: different tubing, differently built frame (especially the stays), slightly slopping top tube, taller head tube, takes 650B wheels, takes discs, vertical dropouts… there’s probably more

This is one of my favourite bikes EVAH!

Hmm, wonder whether Keith could whip one up…

Maybe, but batch production by a builder that’s been refining this design and the build process means you get a very competitive price, so you’d need to order 20-30 of them from Keith.

The price for this first batch is $1085 for the frame and fork. The price will not be that low again.

(plus shipping plus import duty)

Bloody cheap and nice looking bike,
Paint and fork would cost this from an Aussie builder.

Me too. I can’t stop thinking about it. I think I’m going to cash in my chips on this one, thanks for the tip Blake.

Fuck yeah. Order a Haulin’ Colin rack to match (and a swift ozette xl) and get the whole lot shipped together perhaps.

Do it Sambo!

This is not in line with the summer of fixies plan.

Perfect base for a rad conversion

endless rando summer