EMPIRE premiere - NYC

Prollz is in town for this one. Get your Pie head stickers signed!

Friday 10 Feb
Drinks from 6pm / film starts at 7pm
FYXO / 6a Wilson St, South South Fitzroy

Empire NYC

Can’t wait to get my sticker signed by Prolly himself


who is prolly?

is this movie about track racing? i like track racing.

It says it’s in the tradition of BMX movies, so I’m pretty sure it’s going to look like this…


this looks great and right around the corner from work.

Yeah, really looking forward to the night. Hopeful share a beer with John.

I’ll be there. Trailer looks good.

that bit where they break laws is totez gnar totez cray. ANARKKY FTW!!
i’ll go, i have so many more stickers to give john to disseminate amongst his fellow amerikanz.

I’d like to do an Adelaide screening if someone can hook me up… At least for John Kennedy’s sake.

EDIT: Speaking of John Kennedy, he now has a Polly sticker on his too high seat post on his not-cool-anymore NJS tarck bike.


I can’t wait to be in Melbin’ and getting blasted with everyone (again). Who’s gonna climb Shifter’s rafters this time?

Also, you’ll be surprised by this film. It makes a pretty well-rounded cut through the NYC track bike scene. Fixed freestyle, messengers, OG’s and everything in between.

I assume JK’s bike got flamed on polly’s internet-logue. Anyone got a link?

boy, did you miss a week in fixed.org history.

edit: here.


Yo Rolly,

can you speak only in an american accent all night on friday?

i want to see how many tweenies mistake you for mr watson :wink:



hmmm, does 28 Jays know about this event? definitely gonna hang around later this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Na na na na na. Was there. Was in it. Was fighting the good fight.

Just thought that the love between the Johns may have started on polly’s internet logue.

is there any free piss at this?