endeavour gp

ok, time to come out of the shadows…

here’s what i ride, smile if you see me

something about red bikes with chrome forks, classic! anyone know anything about this brand, Ive never heard of it b4?


I might be too busy drooling to smile.

H.O.T. Whats that sticker on the chainstay?

Very Nicely Done.

A tick of approval for this pony.

(your cog needs to be chrome/silver though… :wink: )

What’s the story behind it? The story makes the bike all the more interesting after all.

And what is the sticker on the chainstay? (drat, Christof beat me to it by a minute…)


nuff said!!! :smiley:

what city are you in?

chrome + sunlight = smiles all round

HOT HOT HOT and what would be hotter is if you raced it!!! :evil:

thanks for all the compliments everyone! don’t know much about the history of the frame other than it was built by keith davis, an australian framebuilder. did some research on him, and found he was building frames in canberra in the 80s and early 90s. if anyone knows any more i’d love to find out.

the person i bought it from said apparently the previous owner was told it was raced to a win in a commonwealth games, though that could just be chinese whispers. tubeset is columbus aelle. the sticker simply says “cannibal” on it. could be a reference to either eddy or maybe <a href=“http://www.cannibal.com.au/oz/gallery.html”>these guys</a>

nice to meet you today and have a yarn christof!

You too champ, welcome to the family :smiley:

P.s. Just remembered next weekend the 17th, hour challenge, be there!!!

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what city are you in?
melbourne aka the centre of the universe :sunglasses: