English as She Is Spoke

“All I can say is the players are behind Teaguey and back him to the hill and the results are starting to show,” he said.

Footy commentators and players are great for that sort of thing, plus mixed metaphors. My favourite was “we’re not reinventing the world, here…”

Wonder if the player or journalist used “hill”
They didn’t put (sic) after it.

Just whack a comma in if you think one is needed

Oxford comma only

20 char

At least it’s not kid’s, coache’s and umpire’s.

Message from my daughter’s principal:

There have been issues with rubbish, toilet roles and plant material being used to block toilet bowls


And people say kids don’t need to learn to spell because of spellcheck…

“On the other hand, I’ve chosen to do this. Most people in my kind of job don’t get to do that. I was determined not to be one of those people who gets a tap on the shoulder like the footballer who does one season two many.”


I don’t know what happened there. I had three times as much coffee as I normally would today, might have something to do with it.

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Big LED advertising sign on Nepean Highway, near North Rd:

“HUGH New Space”

lucky Hugh if you ask me

Probably in a sort after location too

ill sought you out in a mini

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u know that joni loves Minis! (they’re not hugh)


“Guys I know how to drive. I’m not even pressing the pedal because I don’t need to.”

“Quick break! Break, break, break,” the passengers say.

The driver responds, telling them “I don’t need to break yet”.

they’ve fixed it now, but zero surprises from news.com.au…

Fatigue kills!..