EOI Brisbane demo cx

A very remote possibility may be able to arrange a demo cx style event, no sheep stations or other prizes on offer, may not even happen.
But if I can guarantee some support for it, then may be more likely to happen.
Looking at Sunday 24th june.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some time off to play, from being a senior official for the weekend.

100% in.

what are rules re: brakes? have bike with front brake only that i am willing to sacrifice, demo event then surely rules are lax?

with a freewheel two brakes, discuss, by all means but this is an EOI only

There will be a few guys over on Roadgrime/MTB Dirt down for this.

EOI? fixed front brake?

It was an idea, and perhaps next year will be able to arrange something.
It has a lot to do with time available, the idea was to run it at the Balmoral junior tour, they are having a novice race for kids, on the infield at Murrarie the Sunday 24th June, I’ll be there as an official, the whole weekend.

Link to the weekend’s events