EOI: Custom Anodizing

My little bro and I finally have some time to do some anodizing, I don’t know who remembers but I posted here a while back with the set of bullhorns that we anodized in purple…

Well we are doing a round of anodizing in the next week or so and have enough room in the bath for another 2-3 bike parts,

We can do Handlebars, stems, seatposts, hubs, cranks, chainrings whatever so long as they are Aluminium,
Obviously we can’t do rims or frames… Yet :stuck_out_tongue:

So who has something they want done? the range of colors we have is huge, there will be a fee to cover labor and parts, (the rig to hold the parts has to be hand made each time!)
But the finish is awesome and unique

How much?

depending on what it is, some things require a troublesome rig in order to run a current through them

damn that looks good…
any chance of you guys making a how-to?

i never knew anodising could be a DIY thing?
or am i wrong?

I wouldn’t exactly call it diy, My brother studies gold and silver smithing at ANU and has access to their anodizing room,
One day soon I would love to get set up at home but its nasty business using very caustic chemicals and strong acids…

a kit here

70-120 per piece? :-o :? Considering you can get blue/green/black/gold/etc nitto bars, stems and posts on eBay for ~$75, thats pretty steep.

Fair Deuce,
I don’t think we could ever compete with big manufacturers, but what we can do is anodize anything, and I’ll have to take a picture of all the dyes that we have,
plus we can mix dyes to make a practically infinite no of colours

Anodized campy is where its at :evil:

Damn, now, instead of buying SRAM X0 in the colour of their choice, noobs have the option of buying SRAM X7 instead and getting to choose the colour anyway!

I like the sound of this anodizing, I’d like to see some more closeup photos of your work. What’s the largest size piece that you could anodize? You said frames are out of the question, but are 700c rims too big?

what colours can you do?

I’ll get the macro lense out and take some close ups,
Biggest thing would have to be a set of handlebars, I want to get set up to do wheels but it would involve big awkward shaped containers… One day

Ah thanks, sorry I asked a dumb question, misread OP!

I couldn’t agree more

Just some thoughts on aftermarket anodizing - the process decreases the strength of the components and they will not be tested afterwards. The recall of DMR bars recently was only on those that had been annodized. I guess the process will void the warranty on any part, and if you are charging for it, you may potentially be liable if something goes wrong.

Heya, I’m Brakefree’s Brother and I thought I’d give a brief overview of what anodizing actually is.
Anodizing is a process in which, using a current though the piece in an acid bath you artificially thicken the oxide layer that exists on all Aluminum (due to its reaction with the oxygen in the air). Aluminum oxide is a hard clear substance and the majority of the material in both rubies and sapphires. Though even on an anodized piece it is only microns thick.

When this layer is artificially thickened at the right temperature and voltage the layer becomes porous, At this point you immerse the piece in a warm dye which infuses into the oxide layer. You then put the piece in boiling water which seals It. This layer is not only colorful but also being harder protects the aluminum somewhat (though it still can be scratched through to the Raw Aluminum)

The only other process that is involved is an initial caustic stripping that removes the initial oxide and cleans the piece.

I’m not sure what SanEsteban is referring to in terms of decreasing strength as all the processes here only impact on the micron thick outer layer? but would be open to enlightenment
I would expect that any other aftermarket treatment of a mechanical component would void the warranty?

Hope this has helped :smiley:

How does anodizing weaken parts? It seems that quite a bit of mt climbing load bearing gear is anodized. I imagine it has something to do with running a current through the metal?