Epic skid FAIL!

<a href=“Nicks Fail on Vimeo”>Nicks Fail</a>

the worst/best part is the comments telling him to go faster, the do a skid…

Ouch, Thats gotta hurt.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, I watched it 5 times!

See Christof, that’s what you’ll be missing if you go a freewheel… :lol:

:oops: i did that once when i had drops. i wish it had been recorded like that

so thats what i must have looked like on the oval the other night in the rain. grass burn is no where as bad as that though.

Phew…I was starting to think I was the only one who thought it was hysterical :slight_smile:

ditto- I first saw it at work today, and I started cracking up and everyone around me was wondering what was wrong with me… :roll:

I think this vid will turn into a fixed-gear classic no doubt. “Rulin”

saw this on another blog this morning…
i laughed.
watched it more then once too.
poor guy.

oh god that was good needs a slow-mo replay though

How the did he manage that? What does it have to with drops?

so classic. commentary is hilarious too. “slow down… okay now… do a skid”

wear a lid!

i reckon:
he locked his legs up to do a skid, but didn’t release his weight from the back enough for the speed he was travelling, legs kept turning, dragging one side of his body down. because he was one the top of the drops, he didn’t have enough leverage to hold the bars straight. turned wheel, weight went on one side, flipped.

wider hand spacing would have reduced the twitchiness that resulted in little room for error…