epping commute

so i start school this week and every friday i have to be in epping for class at 8.30, so i would like to be there by 8 to de-sweat and get my shit together

im riding out from bell st near sydney road,
my plan was to ride to high st along bell, then just go straight up,
but i could also take spring st(north st georges rd) for the first half of high and i could also ride up cheddar/ dalton rd for the last half of high st

not really bothered about distance as its a pretty minor difference either way, but my question for those in the know is which rode’s a nicer to ride along?
i.e. have less traffic, nicer surfaces, better scenery less hills and such,
and how long should i give my self for the commute, its only about 16km but i don’t wanna have to smash it and, i’ll also have a bag with clean clothes and all my drafting/drawing gear on my back.

thanks for any help/info/burns/sarcasm in advance

You do type well for a 5 year old just starting school…

I have nothing useful to offer about riding in the norflands the other side of the river.

High St is turd from Reservoir onwards.

Cheddar is better, but not great.

Gilbert Rd, then Edwardes is an alternative.

Or Dalton, Edgars.

Northerly’s can be pretty tough, so if it’s blowin give yourself another 10min.

There is no dream route. I’d take High all the way.

andy pipes in for the win

I work up at LaTrobe Uni, used to take high st then plenty road, plenty road isn’t very nice.

Then started taking the darebin creek path, bit longer but faster overall cos of no stops (except when I had a head on with another cyclist), but its not a great surface for skinny tyres.

That could be an option as you can turn off the path before LaTrobe and get into the Bundoora gold course . . . then. . . .

i respectfully disagree. high st turns to ass after reservoir - two lanes of traffic, no shoulder, no bike lane. i’d go murray all the way to high, then cheddar to dalton to school (NMIT, right?). you’ll have bike lane pretty much the whole way.

also, riding along bell st would be suicidal. murray is much nicer, and has a bike lane. hills are a bit worse, but HTFU.

congratulations on starting school. i hope it improves your spelling.

If you want the most chilled detour, take the tram tracks on Plenty Rd (from Albert st) all the way to the end and take McKimmies west.

It’s the best bike friendly highway I know.

Like mike, always good to have a bike path route for days you want to avoid the stress of traffic. Darebin creek, Merri creek or cheddar rd bike path to the western ring rd. You can then take the bike path up the hume until turn off on coopers st.

Taking the paths until dalton rd/ring rd (which has a bike lane the majority of the way) seems most practical to me though.

fyxo, do you often ride on those tram tracks? ive always thought about it as soon as traffic gets gnarly on plenty, but always feared of trams coming both ways and no where for me to go. according to local a tram commuter i know, heaps of riders of do it. i am yet to see it though.

This /.… I reckon High St is a death trap (from someone who grew up there).

Hope you shined your shoes.

Not always, but more frequently than not. If I’m creeping, definitely.

Same with tram tracks on St Georges rd. Rode them tonight to Miller st. The bike path is as congested as the road!

Epping road is great if you want to pretend you are doing a spring classic.

i don’t think GZA has to go that far out, FJ.

Don’t get killed in roping like that poor cyclist this morning dude :frowning:

2 nik names in 1 sentence boom tish!

thanks for the info guys, this at least gives me a couple or different routes to take the first few times i ride out

and sadly breno i think my spelling is beyond repair

That hill past the cemetery on Bell street is a doozy. Maybe I am a pussy.

Apparently there is a sweet American burger joint out that way, (not in the plaza). I want to find it and swing by on the wa back from a kinglake ride, anyone keen?

I misread and thought this thread was called “epic commute”

Epping is more epic than me if you do it all week, so I’m actually not too far off…

Not that I really care, but out of curiosity what is the actual “road rule” when it comes to cyclists on tram tracks?

In Victoria, rules 76, 155 and 155a.

In summary, riding on tram tracks that are within a normal lane is fine, but if they’re marked off with a yellow line or are separated, then nope.

Does cooper st have a bike lane down that far? I’d pop out the top of epping then head east for school.