epx 303 headset

So i picked up an epx 303 a while back and have just gotten around to building it up.
However i can not seem to get the headset to work. Does anyone happen to have had experience here, have tried a 1 1/8" but still get a lot of movement between the steerer tube and head tube and a 1" does not fit?


Headset 1 1/8" integrated

taken from here

Go into cyclic bicycles in flemington.

Talk to Evan.

Problem solved.

That would be the best option but he is hours away for me.

pick up the phone?

Local Bike Shop… there’s lots around.

The easy solution if you don’t trust bikepedia is to break out the calipers and measure all the frame and fork dimensions and plug it into the cane creek headset finder.

Local bike shop here got nervous when i wasn’t a 15 year old looking for a scooter.
Neither of the options he had worked, will try the cane creek website thanks.