EPX flemington

Saw what looked like a new bike shop on my daily commute last week.
But I only managed to stop this morning to see what was actually in the shop.

Its another EPX shop or a shop stocking EPX frames.

For all you westys, its located here.

Yeah, Evan told me they’d moved shop. No more South Melb warehouse.

thats right near my house and ive never bothered to look in that strip of shops when i head to the supermarket.
may have to stop next time.

its literally only been there a week.
Theres a couple of great cafes there as well.
And a really good deli.

…and probably less chance of being killed than the one in Port.

Yep we is here.
Shop is called Cyclic and we stock our EPX frmes etc and will get more in as we sort our shit.
Thanks for those that posted the thread. Always nice to cop a bit of pos feedback from the punters.
PS Made cafe 2 doors up.

just had a ride to check this shop out. closed mondays, it would seem.