ERD for H+Son42mm

Anyone know ERD of H+son 42mm rims? … 3 x spoke length with dura ace single fixed?

high or low flange?

high flange…67mm?

ERD is for the SL-42 rims is 557mm. Pretty sure it’s on the H+Son website somewhere.

If the DuraAce hubs are the same size as the Suzue/Superbe Pro ones, and I think they are, then they’ll be 67mm spoke hole pcd, with 33mm from centre to flange on each side.

Plug all that into the “Spocalc” spreadsheet that’s floating around the web somewhere, and it’ll tell you that for 3x you’ll want 264.2mm spokes. I think 265mm is a good bet.

I just did this myself, it’s a bit weird to use so many spokes with deep rims but hey at least they’ll be strong, and if you’ve already got the hubs then why not, especially if you’re not doing a classic style rebuild.

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