Ergo and shimano compatibility

Can I use ergo shifters on a shimano drivetrain?

8 speed shimano shifters seem to be quite a sought after eBay item.

It will work but not very well. The spacing between the cogs is slightly different and at the extremes of the cassette this is going to cause misalignment.

If you’re not fussy about spec level, you can get shimano 2200 8 speed shifters brand new: NEW PAIR SHIMANO ST-2200 ROAD BIKE STI 8 SPEED SHIFTERS | eBay

There’s also the option of getting the converter pully thingy that goes down near the rear mech. Can’t remember what they’re called, I’m sure someone else will know. It will enable you to use yr campy shifters with shimano drivetrain.

See this incredibly useful link courtesy of CX Magazine on Campy/Shimano compatability. :slight_smile:

or… You can always try Microshift (you can find them on ebay). Taiwanese company that have been around for ages.

They are Shimano compatible and much cheaper. Google it and you’ll find they get pretty good reviews. They’re going on my next build.

JTek ShiftMate. I used one on a Campy 10 shifters/Shimano 9 cassette setup and it worked well. Was around $30 shipped from memory.