Ergo to downtube shifters..

Just a question…

Currently running an 8 speed group with ergos, can I change to down tube shifters whilst not having to change anything to the drivetrain…

Thanks in advance


i did this. it was easy (even for me).

It’s easy to do but good luck finding 8 speed Campy downtube shifters. I’m assuming by the word ergo you’re running a a Campagnolo group. Shimano is much easier to source, Campy … even I would have a hard time finding the correct index shifters. Friction shifting, no probs.

$275usd - ouch !!

Vintage Campagnolo Record 8-speed downtube shifters | eBay

You can find a set of SyncroII shifters such as these and modify them by adding an 8 speed toothed insert - might be the same as what sits inside ergo levers or you might have to source one from specialists who stock small parts for Campy repairs.

Personally I’d either run friction and Simplex retro-friction levers are the best you’ll find. Or if you have to have indexing I’d source some Shimano 8 speed downtube shifters and see how they go with them (should be close to running well), if not add a J-Tek shift mate as they should have one to correct the cable pull from shimano 8 speed to campy 8 speed.

275, shit. i should sell mine and go back to ergos. think i paid $82 NIB

done a little more reading:

I don’t think an 8 speed insert (if you can find one) will work for the ordinary SyncroII levers.
The last gasps of Syncro ~ tears for gears

The inserts look like this
The Syncro Rainbow ~ tears for gears

If they are the 8 speed ones with the larger barrel and slightly curved lever then yes they are the same.

I’ll take you up on that Mckenny if you do decide to go back to ergo.

If worse comes to worse I’ll go friction, it’s not going to be my daily ride anyway.

why would you want to ditch a rather good system for a really crappy one???