Eric Hendren / Hoffy Track

remember old mate asking what it was worth? well the answer was: what i paid, i guess…

finally got around to slapping on some repro cyclomondo decals. bit meh, but ok.

Frame: 1985 eric hendren built hoffy track 58 x 60
Headset: unknown
Bottom Bracket: sealed bearing job, haven’t had to go there yet
Wheels: high flange 32h phils to velocity deep v, 28 randos
Crankset: sugino super mighty
Chain: izumi
Sprocket: phil, phil lockring
Pedals: odyssey jim cielencki pedals w/ skin grows back straps
Seatpost: thomson setback
Saddle: super turbo
Stem: cinelli xa
Bars: no name risors w/ ourys

Looks the goods man…

Very neat. Do like.

Looks good, for me is one of the best :slight_smile: