Errr... Ummm.. leg shaving Q.

Well i thought I might actually shave my legs this spring summer and join the fashion set, instead of being a wooly in lycra.
now as a 42 yr old bloke I know all about shaving etc… but i’m kinda confused about how far up to shave.

I’ve got quite hirsute legs and it goes all the way up to cheek town.
if I started at my ankles and shaved up, where do i stop? if I stop just above the line of my knicks them i’m gonna have what looks like hairy shorts on when I’m in the buff. is that normal? Any of you other shavers, hairy bastards who have solved this?
Oh and Dylan, if you hit this thread… feel free to give me your thoughts regardless of your leg status… your opinion is valuable and usually insightful.

And yes despite the weirdness of the Q, I’m actually fishing for some serious answers.

go all the way up dude. stop where your butt starts. otherwise it looks a bit odd when you drop your strides in front of someone.

also, purchase lady razors. it took me a long time to figure that one out. schick quattros are my faves so far.

+1 on the lady razors

if you decide to make a habbit of it, get an emjoy

really? they kinda scare me.

i’ve had them waxed before. it wasn’t worth it.

also, don’t forget to exfoliate each day, except the day you shave. otherwise you get ingrowns, and they can turn ugly. don’t bother with those stupid mitts or gloves - get a scrubbing brush. feels good man.

yeah waxing sucks. not worth it at all.

if you’ve got a thick coat then the best way is hit it with a portable electric groomer (Body Hair Trimmer - Shaver Shop).

Then hit it with the razor.

+1 on exfoliation. Entirely necessary.

I rock the hair shorts. There. I said it. I do it pretty high though, enough to still be covered by my triathlete (wanker) shorts.

I’m not overly hairy though so it’s not such a big deal. 2 minute giggle from the missus and then it’s smooth sailing.

ditto to this, and ditto to going all the way up, just looks wrong when you have to drop pant in front of wife/missus/gf/mistress or any combination of these.

edit, also, the said wife/missus/gf/mistress, will probably love it, most i know do,

Tried shaving, hair removal cream and am currently on waxing - once every 4 weeks and much less of an ingrown hair problem - got me most of the way through my trip to France.

Go all the way up.

Hair underpants rule - I should know.

Ask Dylan if you want advice about getting your manparts waxed - I’m sure he would have an opinion.

Shave them all the way up. You know its worth it the first time you slide into bed or slip on your skinny jeans.

How often is everyone shaving their legs? I’m around the once a week mark. I also don’t exfoliate and have never had any problems with ingrown hairs.

once a week in the off season, twice a week in track season. but then again, i’m blessed with a light pelt.

some have you may have seen my first attempt at shaving my legs. it was pretty kvlt.

anyways, i use that veet depilatory cream. works ok, i guess.

I exfoliate the day i shave, perhaps i will try Brendan’s way.

I found that my hair shorts have gotten higher and higher. Kinda like footy shorts now.

gotta give the cuts a chance to heal, brother.

Go all the way up ! I’m shaving once every 4-5 days, so some calender weeks twice, some once. Need to let it grow out and return to waxing.

$55 for a full, and I mean full, leg wax lasts me 5 weeks. Right up to the undie line!

And as I think someone mentioned… EXFOLIATE!

Depilatory cream was like liquid fire!! Group shaving is best.

Pelt - I love that.
Bic Daisy shavers. They work a treat.
Don’t stop until it’s bum hair.

…up to the shoulders.

If you stop at your nads, you dont get the benefit of the visual inch which is the whole point, right?

i am so glad i hardly have to shave anywhere.
sounds like a pain in the arse.

Fuck. I hate shaving my face… I’m never shaving my legs.

I’m with that. I’ve been teetering on the brink of legshaving for a while now, but still nowhere near convinced it would be worth it.

I worry that my leg muscles are like little Samsons, and cutting their hairs will be the end of them. You bike would be similar, I assume, Jolan. Ever slayed an entire army with the jawbone of an ass?