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Yet another “online” bike store. Alright I’ve had it…

It’s been 15 years since ebay and Amazon started and you guys still haven’t quite figured out how the whole online trading thing works? Well if you can’t figure out the internet thing either pay someone to do it for you or go back to the 20th century when people may have given a shit about you.

If I go to you website and see a whole bunch of brands that you stock, believe it or not, I might actually want to see what products from those brands you have in stock. God forbid might actually want to purchase said product from you without having to ring you. Oh and I love how you don’t believe in prices either. Why would I want to see prices? Not like I might want to budget for this shit is it?

I have put together a website quality scale for you:

Steaming pile of shit ------------------------------------ Good quality website


cough cough

beasley may have a very average website, but fuck, the amount of expertise at that store puts folks here to shame. as well as gary neiwand working out there, john beasley himself coaches the malaysian team. they’re guys who love cycling, not html…

serious lack of respect here

They’ve opened themselves up to be an easy target: they are using the forum only to advertise their online store. Which happens to be shit.

If they cared to share their ‘expertise’ on the forum then I’d be happy to browse their store and perhaps buy from them, but at this stage they are just attempting to exploit the forum for free advertising.

They can’t expect to be respected if they show no respect.

I think I need to be clearer. I have no doubt that in store these guys are a fountain of knowledge on all thinks bicycle. Hell plenty of bike shops around Australia fit right into this category. Sure they are probably superb bicycle mechanics, riders, coaches, etc. I have much respect for these kinds of family run bike stores that have fought through hard times and come out the other side, and I hope there will be a place for stores like this in the future.

However those times are surely drawing to a close. Stores such as this must have done a roaring trade before the internet because they held the keys to the advice and most of the spare parts. But welcome to the 21st century. Where do you go for most of your advice? Where do you buy most of your gear? I answer both of these as the internet.

As I tried to point out when it comes to online trading these guys have got a lot to learn, and I think it shows a lack of respect to expect me to purchase anything from their store (and lets be clear that’s what the original post that started me on this rant was about) when they’ve paid a kid in Year 10 $50 to design their webpage. I live in Brisbane, so will never go to their store for advice or to browse what products they have in stock. If they want to sell to me then please show me some respect and actually invest in a decent online store. Otherwise fuck off and leave it to the numerous examples of companies who have done it right (great examples being Kookie and Gear).

In my opinion if they could share their advice, and set up a half decent webpage I would go there and buy from them. Sheldon’s site (Harris cycles) is a great example of this, the html is shit, but they have spent the time putting up the info, have a good range of stuff, and actually implemented an online ordering system no matter how primitive it may be. This is how you show respect for your customer.

Yeah I tend to agree with you antmandan.

Also, what is annoying is that the OP says to follow the link to Euro Asia as though there is a special section within the Beasley website. Except all they do is link directly to Big deal.

It’s like a bike shop saying “hey man, check out all these funky frames at
In effect, the OP is just saying they can order from this particular distributor. OMG!

It’s just lazy, and ultimately not interesting or useful

And the whole online shop issue- If a bike shop hasn’t figured out how to do it by now, I doubt they ever will. It’s a shame since we have heaps of good bike shops, but not many with a decent web interface. Don’t they understand most cyclists are internet nerds? :slight_smile:

I’m not a fucking internet nerd and i’m not a cyclist either. I am a bogan with an identity crisis…

Meh, looks pretty good to me.

They have some good stuff too, those Hirami pump heads are sick: perfect match for a Silca Pista.

can someone at least move this thread to the linkblog?

i am going to buy a pair of PI track gloves from beasley because of this thread

lol, Antmandan, you’re such a loser as are the one’s that jumped on your wagon. I bet antmandan has a beard… ‘L’ on forehead…

I was in Beasley’s the other day, they are just wanting to let everyone know that they are getting more gear in from Euro-asia. I have just ordered a BareKnuckle from them because they let us know on here.

Antmandan, shave that beard off, push those others out from your arse and stop hiding behind a computer screen…

I’m warming up the ban stick.

From the person who set up an account to launch a personal attack at me? The irony… it burns!!

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