Euro politics & economy

All of this shit really does impact us cyclists because so much is made in Europe. If only Italy would leave the Euro (they can stay in the EU but ditch the common currency), then the Lira would collapse and we could all buy Colnago/Campagnolo/Bianchi/Wilier at much lower prices.

It’s not all that improbable. Greece just elected a left wing party that seems determined to break all the rules that the Euro central bankers are imposing. If they go back to the drachma it will collapse and that’s not a bad thing.

Keating and Hawke floating our currency was both inevitable and the single best thing they did. It means our exchange rate just automatically adjusts according to how well our economy is going.

Conversely, the Euro was a really, really dumb idea. It meant that countries with bad governments could borrow at the same rates as the Germans. That was always going to end in farce.

So what do the Spanish make that might be of interest. Orbea? Come on Euro-zone - break up already. Go back to you francs and marks and Liras and Pesos. We would all be better off.

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Who’s there?
Europe who?
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Is Sugino in Europe? Gino’s an italian word right?

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Serious question, as my knowledge is limited here:
If the euro was clearly going to fail, as OP suggests, why did Europe’s best economists give it the OK?

You’ve heard of the illumanati, right?

bilderberg group, i see.

The only upside I could ever see was that it made my life in the UK easier when ordering merch from o/seas. However I highly doubt that was the driving force for anyone else.

And who says that the one’s who gave it the OK were Europe’s best? They were the most vocal, they had the closest connections to the governments and probably worked for the banks.

Paul Keating’s thoughts are

He said that the euro should have only constituted Germany, France and the Benelux Nations, not the peripheral countries around the Mediterranean. He said Greece should never have been allowed in. The weaker economies were only given entry, Keating said, because President Mitterand and the French wanted more numbers to balance the power of newly united Germany. As a result, the eurozone was flawed from the outset.

The thing with the politics and the economy is
If you don’t have any money
None of it means anything

paging cap’n commuter

Once again Paul Keating clarifies the issue for me