Euro Sport Pista - Looking for its History

Hi, I have just acquired this bike. I was told the frame is ex AIS. It is farily unique so I am hoping someone might know who rode it. It was fitted with new parts around 2000 - 2002, so the parts are not original.

I will be taking it to Tempe on Wednesday to try it out.

Hey, my mates got a LLewelyn (that spelling doesn’t look right) track bike that was given to him when he was racing for the AIS juniors up in Rocky, its got the same detail around the head tube and seat tube junction.

What is the detail like around the rear brake bridge, or rear stays, is there any heart shape cut outs??

It is made by Brian Hayes, and is a EuroSport Pista brand/model. 60cm ctt seat tube, and 58cm ctc top tube. It has the Euro panto on the fork crown, and has no lugs as such. It is steel and the tubes are a round profile, except for the gussetting. The rear of the lower seat tube gusseting is squared off.

I will take some more pics later today.