Eurobike 2009

After browsing through all the images, this lovely bike caught my eye:

De Rosa Scattofisso (no joke)

Any other highlights?

as far as bike porn goes, that chain is looking a bit… limp. :wink:

oh how i loled

I will not be ‘google imaging’ that from work.

Nice bike though!

Yes, I shudder to think what the translation might be lol!

Lol… it’s not very sinister:

I thought these looked pretty interesting

Anyone know the reason for this?

maybe I’m jaded by the chintz & glitz but the only stunner I have seen from EuroBike so far is …

That’s just plain weird!! it’d definitely make the rear end short.

Is the front wheel bigger than 700c and the rear smaller?
Post link to photos please.

My bad,

Link to the flickr at the bottom.

electra are bringin back the dt shifters…

Lots of nice things to see in that image!
-interesting fenders
-chromed lugs
-metallic speckled paintjob

Those look like Honjo hammered fenders.

Also, Nitto M12 rack, bottle cages, Tektro wide profile cantis with polished finish.

Now if only it was that mink colour that the Raleigh Professional came in it’d be perfect.

they look like you could play some sweet calypso jams on them…

i’m going through the core77 gallery, i’ll post up stuff i like/don’t like. sort the wheat from the chaff… seeing as this thread is already image heavy.

(inch pitch???)

radio fob for lost bikes

folding helmet, umm


If that’s an ad for lubrication, it could apply to both parties…

So you wouldn’t get ticketed for not having a bell then?

Also, that bike had so much promise. Until I saw a profile shot:

Flat Foot Technology, fail.

The components on the bike however, win!
High flange cassette hubs, TA style & BCD cranks but with ramped/pinned rings, racks, fenders… all made by or specifically for Electra, and will be available separately later on.

Nice French bend to the fork too.