Europa #2

A $20 cheapie off ebay, but a decent enough, Italian made frame nonetheless and the same as my main ride.
What to do?

Fyxomatosis… always good for inspiration.

My newest ride thanks thanks to some leftover bits around the garage, a couple off ebay and a couple from the guys here (thanks Des and Lats).
Fast, cheap and a headturner - just the way I like 'em :smiley:


what cranks are those?

Is the fence ‘njs’?

They are a special, 50% NJS crank - Italian on the right and Shimano on the left, that being the one I snapped a while back. The fence is just a fence, except for the ‘NJS’, cherry blossom, leaves strewn below.

I ride a Europa too. Very nice frame, but not Italian. Europa is a Sydney based company. They don’t make the nice lugged steel frames anymore though… more into custom carbon stuff. They have a shop near Centennial park.

Hi, When I got my first Europa, I emailed the shop in Sydney for info and they replied that these frames were made in Italy. Same tubing set as the Mosers at the time. They shipped them over here and made them up in the store. The frames they use now are totally different. :slight_smile: