Europa (updated pics).

So I’m getting this tonight. All I know is that it’s a Europa with a Colnago sticker on the headtube, it’s running singles, got Cinelli bars and stem, Columbus tubing (going by the sticker on the seat tube) and Ofmega cranks. No saddle or pedals. A friend of a friend bought it from a lady at his work (it was her husbands) for $200, had it for a month, replaced the tires and bloody took one of the Europa stickers off the downtube. I took it for a spin the other night and it’s really nice to ride and it fits me! But yeah, got it for $275.

Nice find! What are the plans for it? You going to keep the seatpost saddleless? :smiley:

I’ve got an old white Viscount saddle I’m going to chuck on there for now. I’m looking at getting a new wheelset for it in the future too (don’t want to run singles on the street).

nice looking bike! and a fnk steal!

So yeah, just found out that my cousin’s best friend brother was the original owner of this bike.

Bloody Adelaide.

So yeah, it’s also missing the Columbus tubing sticker (can anyone tell me what sticker it is?), but it does have Campagnolo Record hubs, Rigida clinchers (I was told they are tubulars) and a Campy rear sprocket.

And the seat post was replaced and a new one put in without grease! Idiots!

So yeah those cranks, they’re hot!

Some updated pics…

I swapped the bars for some Nitto bullhorns I had lying around. This was a temporary measure till I got some decent risers, but I realised I really like riding with them, and swapped the stem for a shorter Cinelli one. Also swapped the 49t chain ring for a 42t, changed the tires, bought a new chain and stuck on my old Turbo saddle.

Sorry about the abundance of pics… got a bit carried away :smiley:

Bars look a bit droopy, some blue pills may be in order!

lucky fucker

pills are for the rave kids, not me!

Bit of an update.

This has turned into my daily bike, and the one I ride to the pub, in the rain (with a rear race blade guard), etc.

So… I swapped from drops to bullhorns to risers to drops again. Cheap cloth tape. Bought a different Cinelli stem and second hand Unicantor. Stripped the Unicantor back to plastic. Swapped to a sealed BB and put Sugino Mighty road cranks on (the unsealed Ofmega BB and crankset is on the Malvern star) with some ghetto double straps. and rattle canned it because I was bored and wanted something different.

Here it is now…

nice job on the fade dude, very nice for a dialy :mrgreen:

cool - but what happened to the tube tape? :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried it, just couldn’t get it to sit nicely. Wasn’t for me.

i like your work.