Did a frame swap this is how it stands.

Going to put new stem, black pedals, bmx cranks and a black tyre.

looks nice, but having bmx cranks when you are running a front brake and brooks saddle, i take it your not doing tricks so is it really necessary?

ur probably right, but that doesn’t mean i don’t want them lol

what’s the new frame matt?

fair enough, i think it would look alright if matched with a different saddle.

if you ditched the old ladies seat it would look kinda cool.

i think its one of the sabrosa’s from hell on wheels.

lewis is right subrossa frame. I like the saddle plus its so comfy.


its a subrosa.

Who said you cant do tricks with a front brake and a ladies seat? lol


This pic is all kinds of wrong.Brooks seat, odyssey trigger lever and some sweet tricks performed by some kind of homeless seas captain and a honda jazzzzz.Talk about bizzaro world

Honda? I thought andy said it was a Subaru?

small world mr mead… you still have the hachi? say hey to garth for me…

hey dude, yep still got the hachi, didnt know you were into fixies.

yeah man for a while now. just as much fun as hachi’s without the ridiculous matinance build costs. next time im down your way we should deff’s ride.

small world indeed, i also have a hachi.
i remember your dope photos matt. nice bike too :slight_smile:

hahah very small world!!! i can agree with you shane on the cost factor haha

Todd you sydney based?

Here is how the bike currently looks:

looks fresh

nup :slight_smile: from Perth. trying to hold out spending money on the car and i have always liked bikes, so yeah. building bikes is my ‘cheaper’ hobby… haha
will keep an eye in here for more updates.