"EuroStyle" my first fixie

I introduce “EuroStyle” pretty ghetto

And the best thing on the bike!

Big thanks to tom and rob at hell on wheels!

Very nice :slight_smile:

Also - pictures in Jane Foss Russell building at USYD? - Nice to see it get used for something, atleast!

I’m running an Odyssey monolever as well, damn it’s sweet. They have such a good feel, and rule for one fingered braking.

dope. i genuanlly love this bike. on other threads you know. nice bike etc. i actully like this one heaps. nice b43? sick odyssey leaver. looks dope. .hell on wheels. i genuanlly think this is sick. hope to se you around some time. you in melburn?


Thanks guys,

Bikes now finished:

Loven it!

Hank you don’t have to comment on every single bike in this section, at least something constructive as well, its people’s own choice to run brakes or not

Ha!! and plus, what is loosening the lever going to do anyway? Maybe you have a comment on the peddles?

I like the bike! and i like the effect on the last coupe of pics. Good stuff!

nice bike black and red are dopest match

this bike actually looks really good

what frame is that?
and did you paint it yourself? or is it og paint?

Thanks guys.

Did someone hate on my bike cause i run a brake? haha

The paint is OG, no idea about the brand of the frame other then the stickers on it. It was found in my local council clean up. I googled it and it didnt even come up, abit worrying lol. Its comfy, its fun, i can ride it with mates and thats what counts :slight_smile:

New frame will come eventually when i find something i really dig.

It now looks like this:

sweet bike dude. I’ve also got a red and black build in the works (pics to follow in the next few weeks when I’m done). What rims are you running?

Nice :smiley:

I’m building up a roadie with a black/red colour scheme too

Is that red tire you’re running on the front a Panaracer? Looks sweet with black rims.

rims are b43, front tyre is a panracer, dont use them on the back they dont last very long at all

Yeah I’ve heard they aren’t the best wearing tires. Thanks for the tip!

Have you thought of running a red B43 (if they make them) on the back?

Too be honest i havent. Black was chosen as its a simple colour and it will work well with next frame that im planning on getting, it was kind of a fluke that it doesnt look half bad the way it currently looks haha

they do make red b43’s nearly bought a pair…you can by them from a U.S company on ebay called ‘wheelandsprocket’… and they are pretty cheap, but postage is a little costly. the other only problem is you have to buy the pair.

Cheers, for that but i think ill stick with black.

How’s the wear from the front brake on the B43? Is it wearing off the colour fast?

It still all black, just a tad bit shinyer then everywhere else on the rim.

I dont really use the brake alot but.

Your bike is look so hot!!! RED&BLACK is very match :smiley: