Eurovision !!!!!

Oh. my. god. !!!

All that history, sophistication and … tawdry, baseless trash. Brilliant. Wish it was on every week.

Mrs. Spirito is gonna buy the soundtrack for me <grin>

Spirito, Look at moiye, look at moiye, Look at moiye, ploise. Now I’ve got one word to say to you… Trackshittas!

more like urinevision amirite guize? guize?

Giro not Eurovision

Love Eurovision!!!

EurovisiOn, then the Stelvio. Best night ever! Go Jedward, go Ryder!

You’re not kidding me … but they didn’t get through to the final!!!

Eurovision Baku 2012 | First semi final

Fuck this not being able to get SBS at my new place…

Go Cyprus !!! What a Eurovision song sounds/looks like imo.

Great songs by Italy and Sweden (ripped Kate Bush choreography). The Russian Babushka’s really brought a smile to my face.

Ukraine !!! Wow, what a voice. Little (Samoan?) girl belting out a Gay Pride number reminiscent of Blackbox.

Denmark = Alanis Morisette?

Turkey = Turkey.

Turkey should win. I give Italy 2nd & Norway third, followed closely by Sweden & Romania.

But I think Sweden will win.

Denmark had a nice song but was a little bland.

Cyprus wins the ‘Hot Girls’ award. Dayum!

All that really needs to be said about Eurovision.

Only about 3 countries are trying to win Eurovision. The winner pays for the next year’s competition and most countries don’t have enough room in their budget. Ireland really doesn’t want to win…

ireland shoulda entered this song then.

QFT. Love me a bit of Jedward.

Love me a bit of eurovision these days

nah, just this, every year.


both father ted and house of pain are flat out legends.