I guess this has been posted millions of times…but

Whats your gnarliest crash?
did you fight the driver, like this guy


there’s at least 3 of these threads already…
ie http://fixed.org.au/forums/index.php/topic,6519.0.html

and that video is like 3 years old… old news.

at least. im fucken sick of talking about crashes.

Talk about them some more. i just couldn’t be bothered looking for the other threads. thanks prawza for posting those links.

Fixies are old news, like 200 years old.

yup :slight_smile:

lately the only crashes i’ve had have been on my polo bike… and its usually my fault.

Crashed yesterday attempting a fancy dismount while pissed :roll:
Physically I’m ok apart from a bit of a rolled ankle but my pride has taken a bit of a beating.

There are 2 types of cyclists, those who have crashed and those who will.

Lined up for the start of my crit on Sunday, chatting to Handsome Steve and the topic got on to crashes. At the off we wish each other good luck. Second last lap things are getting a bit hectic, the bunch goes too wide on the turn and somebody hits the gutter hard bringing down about 6 riders, Handsome Steve among them. I narrowly avoid the carnage.

I shall no longer talk about crashes before a race.

some guy tried to run me down cause i gave him the finger, he was in a skyline though. Best he did was throw some mcdonalds at me.

As prawza said, it’s already been done, and this doesn’t belong in the fixed gear forum anyway.

case closed.