Ever wondered how people bikes seem to get stolen so easily?

Amazing cable routing

I’d probably be more likely to steal a trolley than that bike.

Yeah why would you?

… I need a shit bike that I can lock up or not lock up outside.

Anyone watched The Bicycle Thief recently? Man I love that film… but so depressing.

At least with the trolley you’d get $2 back!

It’s a beautiful film. And sad.

The trolley definitely has a higher retail price

Ah coburg woolies… site of many amazing lock jobs. plus a ridiculous bike rack that if used as intended means you will have everything but your front wheel stolen.


Even the father in Bicycle Thieves would have passed that one up.

As for the film: Depressing? Not for me. Brilliant? Without a doubt - a true masterpiece of the Italian Realist era. De Sica captured something on celluloid that cannot be repeated and yet is around us every day. For example, this.

I think that bike in the original post has been dumped rather than stolen

I’d agree, if I didn’t see bikes left like that (and then reclaimed) all the time there.

Very diplomatic description of bike thievery. ‘Left and reclaimed’

Sounds like something out of Grand Designs