Every Day Carry - EDC

My Leatherman Micra gets carted around a lot. Surprisingly useful for a tiny tool (insert Michael Scott here). There’s a Victorinox Swiss Army knife (a Sportsman I think) that lives in the car, plus another of the same at home. I don’t usually carry those around when I’m just out and about, but if I was hiking or travelling, they’d be in the bag for sure.

Was looking at the Gerber Suspension NXT to take over for site visit/general duties to avoid using my keys to open access hatches and pretend to be other tools. Pliers are handier than scissors, especially if you’ve got a blade in the setup anyway. My son has a Leatherman Wave that my dad bought him, it’s a great tool, but I can’t justify the cost.

I usually have a swiss army knife of some description in my pocket. Got a super tinker for my bday, like most SA knives it has stuff I’ll never need but it’s a handy little tool. Also have a leatherman micra that I sometimes take.
Some day I’ll get something like gerber dime, just for the pliers. I have a cheap knockoff in my rackbag that does the job.

Mostly I just like a knife for whittlin’ when I’m bored.

The RAT will serve as my main blade in the garage and when we go camping, i wont exactly carry it with me everyday.

Ive got a Gerber LST incoming that ill be puttiing in my backpack/commuter repair kit, that will be my actual EDC pocket knife.

The other two mini paraframes i ordered will sit in each of our cars.

My boy is turning 9 this year, i think id like to get him a swiss army knife of some type.

I got my boy (7) a swiss army beginner knife for xmas. He’s used it a couple of times, we’ve gone over safety and how to use it etc.
One of these.

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still got the Swiss army my dad got me 20 years ago. sensations.


Does anyone actually use their knife in everyday day life?

Better to have and not use, then need and not have right! :smiley:

that’s the kinda accusation that makes me wanna pull out my knife!

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this is a bootable offence imo.

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always better to be safe than sorry - so I always carry my machete down my tracksuit bottoms. #EDC


Yeah, I kill people every day, why do you ask?

Sound of a Gerber jangling in the breeze


“the fixie scene turned into a knife crime apex so slowly I didnt even notice”

Love that it’s got the essential bottle opener, for when dad’s to lazy to unscrew his beer bottle top.

My lunch isn’t going to cut itself.

fixed knife, so hardcore

Still remember the grade six camp we went on where half the boys had Rambo knives with the compass on the end and waterproof matches in the handle.


Oh man, that brings back memories. Probably half the guys in my scout troop had those. Useless wire saw, leaky “waterproof” match tube and all. Bunch of them bought them from a roadside attraction (The 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar), on a 10 day trip to Yellowstone. I opted for a cheap balisong and a “combat” bowie knife that fell apart.

I have a little Douk Douk pocket knife attached to my keys. Not big, maybe like 5cm. Use it all the time. I’ll cut apples, open boxes, cut loose threads, scratch my lovers name into a tree, threaten small business owners, that kinds of thing. A buddy gave it to me a few years back. I chucked on there, Been there ever since. I mostly like the little man engraved on it. Reminds me of a character from an old Tin Tin comic.

One of these


It can not be overstated exactly how handy a pocket knife really is.