Everyone's catching on...

I had a nice old frame ready to be bought this weekend. Perfect size, great condition etc and the old rider quoted me $200. I even got a short story about it’s history and the builder. After yet another call to him this morning to arrange a pick-up point he informs me that he’s had a word to his oldest son and the frames now $350!!

It took months to find this thing, sending out random emails to clubs across victoria. pfffft. I give up.

wait six months mate and people will be chuckin their fixies into the streets for nothin cos they’ll all have moved on to these :
all the REALLY cool guys have caught on to other rad stuff… so bide your time and in 6 months us REAL lovers of fixed can take our pick of yesterdays news from the hipsters :slight_smile:

what was the frame??

Really nice C.Kypo track frame. In great condition too.

350s probably cheap then. given current ‘market’ prices… :cry:

Is that Kypo the guy who used to make frames up in Gippsland?

Not sure if he was in Gippsland but Kypo is definately victorian.

Traralgon, apparently. Aka Robert Kypriotis.

Yeah I met Kypo when i was about 16. Really nice guy who had a lot of time to chat. Had a good name back then but didn’t really hear anything about him in recent time. Might take a drive by next time I’m back home.