Ewan McGregor?


When Ewan Mcgregor starts riding a fixie, you know it’s time to move on…

I disagree! I think as far as celebrities go, you could do worse than him. Sure as fuck better than that stupid prick Kanye riding one.

Ewan McGregor is a bit of a cool guy in my opinion. The Long Way Down is awesome.

The original hipster, well cicra 96

+1 could be so much worse

Yo Ewan, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Kanye is one of the best celebrity fixed gear riders of all time.

I hope Kanye goes for a ride with his laces undone like that

He could use the force to find the zen like flow.

yep long way down and long way round were rad

I’d hit it!!!

Fixed it for you Azz.

My mate had Lunch at the other end of the table from Ewan and Charlie a few months back. Deus Cafe, maybe he went in for a moto came out fixed?

Ewan McGregor seems to be the kind of ‘celeb’ that doesn’t take himself too seriously. I can’t stand the fad-followers like Kanye who claim to be down to earth, own a multi million dollar mansion and then show up on a fixie/skateboard/pimped car flogging the latest brand that will pay them big dollars.

Ewan rocks, we need more blokes like him.


Gold…Do I get an apology on youtube later? Isnt that how its done? Or do I have to whinge to Oprah first


Then suicide.

Clapton rides fixed gear. One o’dem Cinelli things !!!

like it … and a cyclist from way back too - time trials and all :smiley:

Ewan V. Eric…

Eric Wins all day everyday.