Excuse me? How much you say?!

So I’ve been noticing some somewhat ambitious pricing around the traps lately but this has to take the cake. The award for “Most Quixotic Asking Price” goes too:



would be lucky to fetch a quarter of that.

Tempted to make an offer for $100.

move zig

He won the COMMUTER CHALLENGE on it.
Having the opportunity to buy this bike, from a maaaaaaarq like paconi, is like having a chance to buy tony locketts brownlow, or stevie wonders first keyboard.
If only it were a 59.

considering what he was asking for in the beginning this is a bargain!
Paconi Steel Frame Columbus Fixie SS Fixed Bicycle 55cm | eBay

this is what happens when people name their bikes.

would be at least nice to have a decent full pic.
WTF is that last one against the wall.

must be the winning wheels…