Expensive conversions...

Spotted these guys in the latest Frankie magazine…*

Mrs Fairweather’s Bicycle Emporium | Home

The prices are pretty high.

RUMPUS incorporating Mrs Fairweather & random ramson — Mrs Fairweather says hi.

Admittedly, they are covering the costs of respraying the frames and putting cheap parts on… But seriously.

*it was my wife’s, I was just checking it out for hipster hotties.

LOL. mojobikes for all your shitty cheap heavy but at least inexpensive bicycling needs

I dropped into Tokyo Bike this week (because I was tipped off that they stocked Wald baskets (basic small Wald $80)) and was pleasantly surprised to find amongst the sweet fixies a bunch of nice townies with decent parts spec for ~$800. I didn’t peer too closely or test ride one, but they appear to be a decent alternative to Specialized Globe / Trek Belleville / Linus / Creme.

Those fairweathers are a terrible deal in comparison.

Exactly. A friend of ours got a Charge Hob Mixte for about a grand from Treadly in Adelaide. Brand new bike, good components (Sugino cranks, etc) and if anything goes wrong, etc, it’s been bought from a shop that knows how to take care of their customers. I can’t imagine spending over $1000 on a 27" to 700c conversion with average parts.

But hey, Charge don’t advertise in Frankie.

I feel sorry for the suckers that buy one of these :frowning:

It’s just putting lipstick on a pig!

^ spider pig?

:smiley: true dat!

A hipster and his or her money are soon parted

I saw these guys at the prospect street party for the TDU. I almost vomited.

They have used un cut galv gutter bolts as the seat post binders and some broom handle as bars. Fucking horrible.

damn, they could have at least put semi reasonable parts on them and they would still make a decent profit.

Hayyyyy… Mojo bikes aren’t as cheap as Cell fixies and they are far from shit and heavy. All the parts are being sourced from Taiwan and are pretty fucken sweet these days.

And lol at any hipster who buys a $1200 conversion

what would you describe as shit and heavy then??