Experienced cyclists needed for video clip!

Not sure if this is the right section but whatever.

ROBERT FEARON (Production Manager)
E: rob_fearon@mac.com
DESERT BIRD PERSON PRODUCTIONS is currently seeking experienced cyclists to take part in the filming of BERTIE BLACKMAN’s upcoming music video, STELLA.
BERTIE BLACKMAN is an Australian singer/songwriter. October 12 will see the release of POPE INNOCENT X, her fourth studio album and the follow-up to her 2009 ARIA award-winning SECRETS & LIES. POPE INNOCENT X features 11 tracks of visual, evocative storytelling and promises to be adventurous, thrilling, and undeniably unique.
STELLA is the third single from the new record, the music video for which will be shot in Melbourne in the first week of November (dates TBC). Set at night at the DISC indoor velodrome, the video will use orbiting lit-up cyclists to invoke the idea of a galaxy, in which Bertie is the only still object. Utilising slow motion and punctuated light to capture the poetry of the cyclists’ movement, the velodrome will be turned into something ethereal and surreal. The video aims to capture the song’s inherent sorrow, intimacy and thematic content by setting Bertie’s performance against the background of a dreamlike, celestial environment.
The STELLA music video will be directed by ANDREW KAVANAGH, award-winning director of films AT THE FORMAL (2010) and MEN OF THE EARTH (2011). Andrew was recently awarded the QANTAS SPIRIT OF YOUTH award for filmmaking, and will soon be undertaking a mentorship with director ROBERT LUKETIC (LEGALLY BLONDE; MONSTER-IN-LAW; 21; THE UGLY TRUTH; KILLERS).
If you’re an experienced cyclist and would like to take part in the shooting of this exciting music video, please contact our production manager, ROBERT FEARON, for further information (details below). We are particularly looking for teams familiar with riding with each other.
To assist us in the production of the music video, we require participating cyclists to use their own racer/track bikes during filming. To maintain uniformity between the cyclists, we also require that participants wear dark/black clothes or lycra (three-quarter length) with black helmets and black shoes. If you would like to participate, but do not think you can meet the costume requirements, please contact us and we can discuss options. We look forward to hearing from you!
ROBERT FEARON (Production Manager)
E: rob_fearon@mac.com

FOA dream team?

I’d be keen for this.

somethin different and all that.

riding at DISC with a strobe goin would be pretty rad/terrifying :slight_smile:

edit - after reading the idea properly, I dunno where I got the strobe idea from…

Black helmets black shoes ride together, Paging HELLCREW.

Exactly what i was thinking. But they want fixay’s not Cross bikes :stuck_out_tongue:

aaaaand emailed.

could be awesome publicity for the new Saint Cloud kit!!!

get onto it nick!

people agree to ride in things like this and then shit like this happens…
and it’d be as if you’re stuck in one of those ‘cool’ Knog adverts for the rest of your life.

hahaha that’s a good point sime!!

if I hear back I’ll ask them not to make anyone look like a fuckwit.

hey zephyrss, this guy gonna make anyone look like a fuckwit??

nah, it could be pretty rad, like this one…

i bet they’ve all done the naked ride and at least one critical mass…

zero fucks, zero showers.

^ #messlife?

dunno about that,

I can’t speak for the messenger community, but the MDMA generally bring a fucking rad time to most places they grace. FACT.

#dailyshower #instashower #showergram


All I saw was


And I was sold.

I’d be happy to be there.
Bertie Blackman’s a lovely lady, I’d love to help out.
Also, I’m sure this thing will need some girls to even out the usual ratio.

If anyone wants to provide me with a shiny new black kit, I’d be pretty happy. Otherwise I’ll be Rapha-ing it up.

i’ve had a reply from rob, he was ok with my black/silver helmet, so ask how strict they are on the black get up. awaiting more info as to dates etc, first week of november is always weird coz of cup day.

wtf. black shoes and black helmet?

shits fucked.

Not sure you will be able to pick your selves out in the end result guys. Being dark / black clothes and all…

No reason to do it then…