Extending Brake Reach

So, got some nice brakes but they are 3-4mm to short for the frame/wheel combo in a SS I’m building.

Thinking of trying this:
"The thing with the tapered washer: I described on the forum before.
I’ve done this trick a couple of times and it helps you to get the whole brake up to approx. 5 mm higher or lower.

Take a (alu) washer of diam 10mm / hole 6mm / thickness 600 or so. It’s a standard part.
File it in an angle. Leave one side flat and taper it on the other side. 30 degrees or so.
When you put this washer between brake and fork crown and you tighten the brake nut, the brake will go a bit up or down, depending on the orientation of the taper.
If you put the thin side of the washer down, the brake will go down. And v.v.
It’s safe and it works."

(I think the ‘600’ bit is wrong, meant to be 6mm maybe?)

any other suggestions short of buying a new rear brake?

I could file the pad slots but that’d only get me 1-2mm max. And the above doesn’t permanently change the brake.


I’ve previously found a combination of filing the slot (you only need to leave a very small amount), and using Kool Stop Thinlines with the convex washers allows a little more reach.

That method described would need the brake bolt to change angle to work. Which means the nut would locate in a different spot.

Medium reach brakes aren’t an option?

How about bdop offset pads?


Yeah, I was having trouble visualising how the tapered washer would work.

A medium reach brake is an option, but I have some nice black campag brakes.

and I’d just buy new brakes rather than paying ~$35 for the offset pad holders.

I need to tension the chain to see exactly how much more reach I need, but that could be an option.

If the Campy ones don’t work and these suit, I’ve got a set of black Apex calipers that I used a file to “lengthen” the pad slots which you can have for a high five/beer

Thanks Sime. I’ll be in touch.

Campy in the 70’s made an offset bolt that was used on bikes with 27" wheels and big tyres it’s no help to you but was a bloody good idea

Now I have a chain on it and it really only needs 1-2mm more so will file the slots.

Dayne - yeah saw a pic of that offset bolt being used with some deltas

Thanks for the replies.