Extremely stuck rear sprocket.

So I have a stuck rear sprocket on a wheel. I want to change the gearing. I’ve tried reverse-rotfixing to get it off, but it’s stuck for good. Anything I can do at home to get it off or is this a bike shop type of thing? I was thinking I could wrap it in a old length of chain and put the sprocket in a vice and use the wheel and leverage…? It’s a nice Campy sprocket, so i don’t want to destroy it.

Additionally, will a Phil Wood sprocket fit on a Campy Record track hub? I have the Miche lockring all ready to go and can get the Phil Wood sprocket nice and cheap.

Jolan I had the same problem. I took it to shifterDan and he simply put the rear sprocket in a vice, tightened it up and twisted the whole wheel in the opposite direction - worked a treat and didn’t seem to require as much effort/force/leverage as I would have expected. The sprocket didn’t suffer any damage at all.

Phil sprocket should fit a campy track hub - fairly sure I’ve got one on mine.


I just put the sprocket between two bits of pine 2x4 in the vice at home and used the wheels as leverage. It worked fine and didn’t damge the sprocket (just make sure you go to turn the wheels the right way when it is upside down) :wink:

Try that, if you’re worried about your sprocket slip a piece of soft wood between sprocket/chain and vise jaws.

I don’t know, but someone here will.


All sprockets are the same thread, it’s just the offset that changes slightly. The lockring on the other hand… campy, phil and miche are the only ones i know of that are different.

you got a good chain whip??
i had a tuff kog to deal with the other day
i wrapped it up with my trusty old chain whip, held the wheel real tight and pushed down on the chain whip handle with my foot… works a treat and allows you to get some weight behind it…

Use your weight to remove the cog. Rather than your strength. Think about it!

If that fails, the vice thing is a good trick, I have used this to remove an old cluster.

And yes, Phil Wood cog will fit fit.

i had a cog that we couldnt get off with a vice. spreyed wd40 on and still wouldnt budge. ended up getting it off with a good chainwhip. so maybe spray wd40 on it and leave it for a week. worked for me.

Lend me the bike for half an hour and put a new rear tire on afterwards!

I don’t think you’d have any luck by skidding it off. I’ve been skidding like a mad man and it’s not going anywhere.

Looks like I’m in the market for a vice or a good chain whip this weekend.

he’s too busy biking around vancouver to help us with our pissy problems right now…

aka ‘driving the bus’.

Damn right I am.

I have posted previously on English/ISO/French track sprocket and lockring thread types. Search and you shall find.

we miss your wisdom so quickly… :smiley:

As opposed to ‘driving the porcelain bus’?

did you get into a vice in the end?

Yeah, tried with a chainwhip at Tim’s, no deal. Took the wheel to Cycleworx at Woodville… they tried with a chain whip to get that sprocket off (surprisingly enough that didn’t work), and looked at me strangely when I suggested wrapping chain around it and using a vice saying I’ll destroy the sprocket… This worked a treat.

mmm lucky you didnt destroy the cog, dura ace ones are over $50 from cycleworx :slight_smile:

The cog on there was a Campy one. And it didn’t destroy the sprocket at all.